All packed and ready to go


All packed and ready to go!! Excited to see the latest Tanabe JD BoxR shipping to its new home in the Middle East.

One week ago!


It is hard to think that this is already one week ago!! Having said that, the first 25 years of our business have shot by....[...]

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How the team grows!


How the team grows! We had a wonderful party on Friday night with our colleagues, to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Some nice food, a few[...]

Two man and a toolbox


As we officially celebrate the beginning of our 25th anniversary year, a short message from our founders, Jasper Kruizinga and Doeke Holtrop (the J and[...]

JD 25 years


An image says a thousand words! A proud moment for us at JD Engineers.

Excellent upgrade from JD Engineers


Yet another excellent upgrade from JD Engineers! The JD Main computer FD is equipped with frequency inverters. These control the speed of the machine. The[...]